Audrina Patridge’s mom goes on drunken rant over DWTS

Audrina Patridge’s mom, Lynn, was caught on tape in a drunken rant, dishing on everything from her daughter’s Dancing With the Stars elimination (“It was political”) to Lauren Conrad and the other Hills co-stars (“tramps!”).

Lynn Patridge

Audrina Patridge’s mom Lynn may be regretting some things she said on tape last night after three glasses of wine at LA’s Beso.

She was obviously upset that her daughter, 25-year-old Hills alum Audrina Patridge, and her partner Tony were eliminated from Dancing With the Stars on Tuesday night.

Lynn talks DWTS

She said her daughter “(expletive) kicked ass!” and had some unkind words to say about judge Len Goodman. “I love Carrie Ann [Inaba], (expletive) Len saying she had no character! I don’t give a (expletive) who you sell this to! If you think Sarah Palin’s daughter [Bristol Palin] did good, well fine, but I hope Brandy and Maks win!”

Her friend, drink in hand, tried numerous times to stop Lynn from talking, but she continued on.

“When one door closes another one opens,” she told the paparazzi. “Audrina is going to (expletive) rise. She’s got class. You know why? She’s a Polish, Catholic, (expletive) full-on Italian. Not only that, she was raised right. And I don’t give a (expletive). It’s all American.”


Lynn disses LC

Lynn went on to discuss Audrina’s new reality show and talk about Lauren Conrad, Audrina’s former co-star on The Hills. “We’re going to (expletive) smoke, especially Lauren Conrad’s pissy (expletive) little fashion (expletive). That bitch wants to bring it on? Let’s go!”


“I’ve had it. I’ve been a celebrity mom eight years through this Hills bull (expletive), but Audrina’s going to the next level, baby,” she explained. “(Expletive) Hills girls! (Expletive) Hills tramps! My baby’s a star! She’s the only one that has some class and I don’t give a (expletive) about it.”

Watch the complete video here! Warning: Lynn has a potty mouth and cusses throughout the video!

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