Charlie Sheen drunken hotel room photos!

Oct 27, 2010 at 3:03 p.m. ET

Photos of the destroyed hotel room at The Plaza where Charlie Sheen was found drunk and naked with an angry prostitute have emerged. Check them out here!

TMZ has released these photos of the now infamous room at The Plaza where Charlie Sheen had his drunken meltdown.

Charlie Sheen hotel room

Charlie sheen: out of control

Charlie had dinner at 8 pm at a restaurant called Daniel with three other men and five women, including ex-wife Denise Richards. The group started drinking heavily, after which Richards made a hasty exit. She was married to the guy and could probably tell things were going to get crazy.

He apparently brought one of the women back to his room, where they probably continued to party. Guests then started complaining of "primal screaming and swearing from inside the room." Police arrived at 2 am to find an intoxicated Charlie naked and lying in a pile of glass and they promptly took him to the hospital.

As you can see from the photos, Charlie overturned tables, ripped curtains, broke a lighting fixture and other glass, injuring his toe (and probably his ego) in the process.

Charlie Sheen hotel roomCharlie has offered to pay damages

Charlie's publicist said the whole accident was from a bad reaction to medication. I know you might have hives or itching from an allergic reaction to medicine, but I didn't know it could also make you trash a hotel room and lock a prostitute in the bathroom. That is, er, alleged prostitute.

Charlie's reps have already contacted The Plaza and offered to pay for the damages, estimated at $7,000. Isn't that nice of him? Of course, The Plaza said they wouldn't prosecute Charlie for criminal mischief if he repairs the hotel room.

Photos courtesy of TMZ.

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