Glee: The Rocky Horror Picture Show recap

Glee tackled The Rocky Horror Picture Show October 26. So, did it measure up? You decide.

Since Glee began its sophomore season, the bar has been raised higher each and every week with episodes ranging from Britney Spears to religion-infused struggles. Perhaps Glee taking on the iconic 70s cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show was a stretch — or was it? Here’s how it all went down.

Glee does Rocky Horror

Glee goes Rocky Horror

Mr. Schuester was the fuel behind the fire in rounding his misfit glee clubbers to perform The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Mr. Schuester decided he still wanted to vie for Emma’s love and after hearing how much she and Dr. Carl love The Rocky Horror Picture Show, decided to have New Directions put on the show to give the illusion he’s mad for it too.

Glee takes a bit of a detour with The Rocky Horror Picture Show theme and I liked it. The show used the musical classic to feature the love triangle of Mr. Schuester, Emma, and Dr. Carl instead of Rocky Horror being the main focus. They also used body issues (Finn and Sam both have to be in their skivvies) as a B story.

Rachel (Lea Michele) transformed herself into Janet, and played opposite Finn (Cory Monteith) who wasn’t quite down with dropping his pants to stand in his undies. They performed a great number in Dammit, Janet, but it was Finn’s idea to walk down the school hallway in his boxers to prepare himself for opening night that was hilarious and not expected at all.

Mercedes (Amber Riley) wasn’t originally tapped to play Tim Curry’s famed character of Frank-N-Furter, but after Mike Chang’s parents wouldn’t let him play a sweet transvestite, Mercedes laced up and did it right. Now, many won’t agree with her take, but her version of Sweet Transvestite was amazing even if it didn’t come from the same place as Tim Curry’s version.

The creepiest of the bunch went to Chris Colfer’s character Kurt Hummel as Riff Raff. Kurt Hummel didn’t have as much of a storyline as I normally like, but his contribution to Time Warp was spot-on.

Sam (Chord Overstreet) loves his abs but not enough to be comfortable in the gold short-tastic Rocky outfit. Sam tried to play Rocky but after Mr. Schuester saw how great Dr. Carl (John Stamos) was as Eddie, the glee teacher took the role from Sam so he could practice Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me with Emma. That was by far the most fantastic number of the episode.

Mr Shu watches his Glee club

You might be wondering how all this happened without Sue Sylvester trying to shut it down. Sue Sylvester is convinced that she’ll win a local Emmy by doing a behind-the-scenes expose on what children are doing in the school system and what the tax dollars are going toward. The convincing comes in the form of Meat Loaf making a cameo.

In the end, Mr. Schuester finds out Sue was going to break her story on opening night to try and shut him down, but he actually agrees that his reasoning for doing The Rocky Horror Picture Show was wrong. He shuts it down himself and has the kids perform Time Warp just for themselves as the original classic was meant for outsiders and people who had nowhere to go — so that’s how they were going to do it. Oh, and Mr. Schuester and Emma decided to put their feelings on hold.

Glee took on a big challenge when they signed up for The Rocky Horror Picture Show and I think using the show as a theme for the love triangle of Mr. Schuester, Emma, and Dr. Carl was brilliant. Had Glee morphed into a complete version of RHPS I think it would have failed in comparison. The songs were merely rehearsed as dress rehearsals for a musical with Time Warp and Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me being the two biggest and best numbers and that’s the way it should have been.

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