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Cameron Diaz spotted with Glee star: Dating?

Cameron Diaz was in a Glee-ful mood when she was spotted with Matthew Morrison on Saturday night.

Cameron Diaz

Serial dater Cameron Diaz seems to be done with summer love Alex Rodriguez — she didn’t appear at a single Yankees playoff game to root him on — but the Knight and Day star isn’t crying herself to sleep.

Nope, Cammy is a resilient gal and surely has already moved on — maybe even into the arms of Glee hottie Matthew Morrison!

Diaz and Morrison were seen at hoppin’ Hollywood club Bardot partying it up. So are they a hot new couple?

Three signs point to no:

1. Friends of Cammie have dismissed the rumors outright, saying the two are “just good friends.”

2. Two’s company but three’s a crowd — Diaz and Morrison were not alone.

Matthew Morrison

The pair was joined by actress Joanna Garcia, current star of Better with You but best known for her role as the teen mom on Reba.

And most importantly…

3. Spies say there was absolutely no chemistry between Cammie and Matt.

“I definitely didn’t get a flirty vibe between Matthew and Cameron at all,” said a source.

“They were just like a couple of friends hanging out for the evening.”

We think it’s safe to say this hot new couple alert is a dud.

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