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Paranormal Activity 2 scares away the competition

Paranormal Activity 2 won the weekend box office battle. With Halloween almost upon us, moviegoers were looking for a few good screams. That didn’t, however, do much for Matt Damon’s drama about death, Hereafter.

Last year, Paranormal Activity scared the pants off the box office competition. With a slow release scheduled and underground campaigning, the $15,000 film banked $107 million and now, the sequel Paranormal Activity 2 is keeping up the good work.

Paranormal Activity 2

The budget for Paranormal Activity 2 remained small, at only $3 million, but this time, there was no incremental release. The sequel opened with a full scale release the weekend of October 22 to bank $41.5 million and take the number one spot at the box office.

After this massive opening weekend, there’s already talk of yet another installment of the home movie style freakfest. “The company is certainly going to take a look at making a third, but will be exceedingly careful in how to go about it,” Paramount exec Don Harris said.

Jackass 3D took the number two spot with $21.6 million. There were predictions turnout would fall after last weekend’s big win, but another weekend near the top brings the goofball stunt movie up to $87 million! Needless to say, we can expect another installment of this one, as well.

Red took third place this weekend, with $15 million. Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker, Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren have so far banked $43.5 million with their spy action.

Hereafter didn’t get the pre-Halloween boost it was hoping for, but did make the top five. Clint Eastwood’s drama about life after death came in fourth place. Even with Matt Damon in the cast, it only banked $12 million, but Warner Bros has hopes for a slow, strong build in numbers in coming weeks.

The Social Network took fifth place, with $7.3 million. That brings the Facebook movie starring Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake up to $73 million since its breakout weekend.

Secretariat came in sixth with $6.9 million, just beating out Life as We Know It, which banked $6.2 million. Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole came in eighth with $3.2 million, bringing the total take up past the $50 million mark.

The Town came in ninth with $2.7 million, bringing the Ben Affleck heist movie up to $44,652,524. Easy A closed out the top ten with $1.8 million, for a total of $54.8 million.

Halloween weekend offers more scares in the theaters. Saw VII 3D and Night of the Demons will hit theaters Friday, along with the limited releases Monster, Welcome to the Rileys and Wild Target.

Box office top 10

1. Paranormal Activity 2, $41.5 million
2. Jackass 3D, $21.6 million
3. Red, $15 million
4. Hereafter, $12 million
5. The Social Network, $7.3 million
6. Secretariat, $6.9 million
7. Life as We Know It, $6.2 million
8. Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole, $3.2 million
9. The Town, $2.7 million
10. Easy A, $1.8 million

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