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Melissa Rycroft expecting a girl!

Former Bachelorette and Dancing With the Stars contender Melissa Rycroft stopped by The Talk to reveal her big baby news: It’s a girl!

Melissa Rycroft

Rycroft was infamously dumped by Bachelor Jason Mesnick on live television, but went on to find her fairy tale ending with former flame Tye Strickland. The newlyweds tied the knot in December and announced their pregnancy back in July. Now at five months, the mom-to-be couldn’t wait to share the baby’s gender on The Talk.

“Finally revealing the secret that I can’t flippin’ keep anymore!!” Rycroft, 27, tweeted that morning.

While on the show, Rycroft showed off her tiny baby bump and admitted she is “terrified” of delivery. Her mom-friends always say they can’t remember what it was like, so she has no idea what to expect.

The Talk ladies were happy to give her the heads up.

“It is like no pain you have ever imagined,” Leah Remini shared. “Compare it to hell. Compare it to taking a large rock and wanting to knock yourself out from this kind of pain that your mind can’t compute.”

Sara Gilbert agreed that it feels like “twisting your gut up,” but reminded Rycroft that there would be breaks between the painful contractions and, of course, she could always “give up” and request drugs.

Rycroft was good-natured about her fears, adding that now that she and hubby Strickland are hitting the home stretch, pain isn’t the only thing that has her nervous.

“We’re past the halfway point now and we feel severe kicks, at this point,” Rycroft shared. “The anxiety has definitely kicked in of, ‘Oh my god, we’re going to be parents!’ now. It’s not just the, ‘Oh gosh, we’re pregnant.'”

After Rycroft shared her ultrasound, The Talk hosts played a little gender guessing game.

Based on the old wives’ tale that says girls drain their mother’s beauty, Julie Chen guessed that gorgeous Rycroft must be having a boy and gave her a blue teddy bear. Gilbert went with her gut and gave the mom-to-be a pink blankie.

Rimini gave Rycroft a pink outfit after asking if hubby Strickland was promiscuous before he met her, explaining, “When guys are bad to women, they end up with a girl.”

Finally, Rycroft dropped the big news.

“Of the gifts in my lap, I think I’m going to take home the pink,” Rycroft announced to cheers. “It’s a girl!”

SheKnows sends congrats to Melissa Rycroft and wishes her luck with her delivery.

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