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Willow Smith: Watch Whip My Hair video

Willow Smith shows she has plenty of talent and spunk in her new Whip My Hair video. Watch the complete Whip My Hair video here. I promise you, this song will get stuck in your head — and you may even find yourself whipping your hair and gluing jewels to your face.

Nine-year-old Willow Smith proves she is not just another Hollywood rich kid (her parents are Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith), but that she can sing and dance (and look pretty darn cool doing it) in her new music video for Whip My Hair.

Willow Smith Whip My Hair

Willow Smith’s edgy style

Bejeweled lips and eye lids will undoubtedly become a trend, thanks to the fashion-forward Smith. Blinged out from head to toe, Smith manages to look edgy, yet totally age appropriate. Did I mention her cool hairstyles? Rihanna may be taking some fashion tips from this pint-size trendsetter.

The song features Smith and her friends literally whipping their hair around…and around…and around. I have to admit, it is a fun and infectious song.

Willow explains meaning of the song

Whip My Hair means don’t be afraid to be yourself,” Willow Smith told MTV News. “And don’t let anybody tell you that that’s wrong. Because the best thing is you.”

She said she loved making her first music video: “Having my Warriorettes there, my best friends caring — Jade, Angel Punky, they’re just all my best friends — and my family there just made it even better. Me and my friends were touching the oranges, ‘cos they were, like, real oranges but they were spray-painted. It was gooey.”

Whip My Hair will officially drop on October 26.

Video: Willow Smith Whip My Hair Video


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