Christina Aguilera turns to Lindsay Lohan’s ex, Samantha Ronson

Christina Aguilera has turned to Samantha Ronson for comfort during her divorce from Jordan Bratman.

Christina Aguilera

Within hours of the news that Christina Aguilera had separated from husband Jordan Bratman, rumors were flying that the singer’s girls’ trip to Mexico with Nicole Richie and Samantha Ronson played a major role in the split.

In fact, sources say Samantha — who shared a famously tumultuous romantic relationship with Lindsay Lohan — has taken the place of Jordan Bratman as Christina’s closest confidante.

RadarOnline says, “Christina and Sam grew closer as her marriage crumbled, and eventually Jordan found himself unnecessary in his wife’s life.”

Read between those lines.

Or don’t — instead, let this woman make it crystal clear to you. She claims Christina uses her bodyguards to pick up chicks for her at LA gay bars. “The bodyguard told me it was an understanding within their marriage and that she brings girls home and Jordan’s okay with it,” the woman said.

“I met Christina in the bathroom and she told me she liked to play with girls… I ended up not pursuing anything with it because the situation just seemed so weird to me, but Christina was definitely looking to hook up.”

Christina herself has said she and Bratman had a sort of understanding. She told Out magazine last May, “My husband knows that I get into girls. I think it’s fun to be open and play.”

Sounds like Bratman was into it until Samantha Ronson got involved. Christina filed for divorce on October 14, citing “irreconcilable differences.” She has requested that Bratman, a highly successful record producer in his own right, not receive any spousal support and that they share joint legal and physical custody.

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