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Rick Springfield opens up about sex addiction and depression

Rick Springfield recently opened up about his journey through depression and living with a sexual appetite that many would call sexual addiction.

Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield had it all at a young age — a great gig in the music world and a budding role on General Hospital, not to mention a swoon of girls at his feet.

But that was only one layer of the star’s secret life. Rick Springfield was raging a war against an internal struggle with depression and powerful sexual urges.

“I had a huge house, money, a beautiful wife, kids, touring the world and realizing that that wasn’t doing it,” Rick Springfield told Access Hollywood’s Billy Bush. “And I realized it hadn’t fixed me.”

In the Rick Springfield memoir, Late, Late At Night, the Jessie’s Girl singer revealed depression plagued him early on and crept into his adult life and career.

When asked by Billy Bush if the term sex addiction was an “over-exaggeration,” Springfield responded quickly. “I wouldn’t say that’s an over-exaggeration. I’d say it’s a part of my life and sex addiction is. I don’t use that word in the book because it’s not to me, it’s just my sexual issue,” Springfield explained. “I wasn’t addicted to sex, as I was to the…it was a habit that I fell into as a young musician. It didn’t become an issue until I finally found somebody that I didn’t want to lose because of it.”

That was Rick Springfield’s now-wife, Barbara. They’ve been married for over 25 years.

He told Billy Bush, “I’ve come very close to losing her a couple times and the truth is, we both know that we’re better together than we are apart. So, we have fought the times that I have fallen off the wagon — nuked the wagon.”

Rick Springfield’s most recent lapse was in 2002 while he was working in Las Vegas.

The star’s wife isn’t so comfortable with her husband sharing the details in his memoir but she understands.

“I’m a writer and she married a guy who writes about his life,” he added. “All my songs are about, most of my hits are about her. Honestly. Starting with Don’t Talk To Strangers. A lot of my best songs have come from the dark side of me.”

Bush asked the singer, “Will you stray again do you think?”

“God, I hope not. I hope not,” Springfield revealed. “But you know, it’s like anything. It’s not a given.”

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