Top Gun 2: Tom Cruise returns to cockpit

Oct 14, 2010 at 3:42 p.m. ET

Top Gun made Tom Cruise a sensation and it looks like Cruise will be back in the cockpit for Top Gun 2.

Top Gun

Ugh! Not again! Another cruddy rehashing of an awesome 80s movie is in the works.

Just when the nightmares of Jaden Smith's wretched (and retch-inducing) Karate Kid remake began to fade and murmurs of Point Break 2, probably the worst idea currently circulating in Hollywood, began to die down, here comes Tom "Couch-Jumper" Cruise to fan the flames with his usual attention hungry brand of crazy.

Twenty-four years ago, the world jumped on the highway to the danger zone with Maverick, Ice Man and Goose, learning rad moves like the windmill high five and the wonders of beach volleyball, in one of the seminal films of Cruise's Ray-Ban Years, Top Gun. It earned over $400 million and entered into the pantheon of American action-romance films.

Now Cruise is talking about making a sequel.

Top Gun 2: Bad idea!

Apparently, producer Jerry Bruckheimer, Tony Scott, Cruise and Paramount think they should bring the film back for a second round with Maverick (Cruise) passing the torch to a new guard. If they cast Shia LaBeouf, we're gonna lose our minds!

What we don't understand is why people can't leave a good thing alone. Or, if you're gonna sully a good thing, why not just add in John Travolta, Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood and make it Wild Hogs in the sky?

Like we said -- Ugh!

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