Glee recap: Duets

It’s been an emotional few weeks for the kids of Glee, what with Britney Spears clouding their dreams and a near death situation shaking their faith. On this week’s Glee, all that was behind them as the New Directions glee club took competitive to a whole new level — duet style.


On this week’s episode of Glee, entitled Duets, Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) paired the kids off and challenged them to compete against each other in a duet style competition. This wasn’t just any competition for the McKinley High songbirds, however. At stake for the winning team was one free dinner for two at the delicious dining dive, Breadsticks. Okay, the place is not real but it has never-ending breadsticks and salad like a certain Italian staple that I adore, so game on kids!

The students went for the jugular to get that dinner, which set up backstabbing, partner swapping and a forfeit. Let’s check out what went down with the competition.


Mr. Schuester had an interesting bit of news at the beginning of class. Turns out Puck (Mark Salling) landed himself in juvie over a run-in with a car and giant glass window. Enter his replacement, Sam (Chord Overstreet). Kurt’s (Chris Colfer) ears immediately went up and he was on the prowl to woo the new kid and make him his duet partner. He got his way originally, but it gets better.

Gasps were heard around the glee circuit and rumors were put to rest about Sam and Kurt’s (Chris Colfer) rumored romance when the jock came out as straight. Oh please, Ryan Murphy being the genius that he is put that gossip piece to bed early. This didn’t stop us from hoping a Sam and Kurt hook-up would happen, however, and Kurt tried his best to make us happy.

Finn (Cory Monteith) tried to warn Kurt that it would be a mistake to sing with Sam for fear of ruining the new kid’s reputation — dudes don’t sing with dudes. After a long talk with his recovering dad about learning to go it alone sometimes, Kurt set Sam free of the partnership and ultimately free to sing with a lady. This isn’t the end of Kurt, keep reading to find out why.

In the ring-around-the-rosie game of Glee relationships, who ended up where? That’s the best part. Alliances were broken and enemies became friends, all for a free dinner.


Why no Brittany, Santana? Santana wanted Breadsticks so bad she ditched Brittany to be with Mercedes in hopes of a better performance. Breadsticks was not the only thing on Santana’s mind. With Puck out of sight, she was feeling a bit naughty. Cut to a scandalous bedroom scene and make-out session between the girls. I knew it was coming!

Brittany was so into it and you could tell she had feelings for the bitchy cheerleader, but Santana was just looking for a warm body.

During Santana and Mercedes’ dancelicious number to River Deep, Mountain High, Brittany got so jealous she used her feminine charm to convince Artie to be her partner and boyfriend. Oh, this was good.

During a practice run of Don’t Go Breaking My Heart with Finn, Rachel (Lea Michele) felt a ping in her stomach. Turns out it was just guilt. The normally selfish teen asked Finn to help her throw the competition to give Sam a better chance at winning so he’d feel more comfortable as a glee club member. Just as Finn declared her changed, she revealed it would also secure them a spot at nationals if Sam was on the team. Just when we thought it wasn’t about Rachel. Gotta love that girl.

Kurt put on a show like I’ve never seen. He let his class mates in on the secret that he was no longer performing with Sam. They had almost counted him out, but this is Kurt and he sang with his match — himself. Getting in touch with his feminine side and masculine side, Kurt split himself down the middle and used Le Jazz Hot! as his new anthem. He was out, proud and going it solo. He was fierce with the glitter and double costume, but deep down he wanted to be a part of a pair. Chris Colfer is getting better and better and he is taking the material of Ryan Murphy and not holding back.

It was time for Finn and Rachel to put up or shut up. The two dressed as a priest and not so nice Catholic school girl of sorts and offended everyone with their version of Born Again. The vocals were rocking but it was not appropriate. They totally threw the competition. Even Quinn wanted to “punch them both.” Those were her words, not mine.

Artie and Brittany uncomfortable in a bedroom? That’s not something I thought I’d see on an episode of Glee. Artie tried to tell Brittany he wasn’t over Tina but she wasn’t backing down. She took the poor kids V card without thinking about the consequences. Santana spilled the beans about Brittany’s former lovers and the growing number, making Artie realize he was used. The two dropped out of the competition after Artie slammed Brittany for taking something he thought he’d never lose because of his accident and being in a wheelchair.

It’s now time for the comedy portion of the competition. Mike Chang dances, he does not sing. In Duets, however, he did the unthinkable and sang for some Breadsticks. Tina and Mike went vaudeville with Sing! from A Chorus Line. The comedic timing and Mike’s voice were pretty spectacular! Tina used her delicate vocals to make the other students laugh out loud for the number. It was totally not like the other performances.

Sam tried to get closer to Quinn, and after all the rumors it was exciting. She wasn’t having it though. This year was about her, not boys. She tried to ditch him as her partner, but with two little birdies, Finn and Rachel, whispering in their ears, they got back on track and fell for each other over a sweet version of Jason Mraz’s Lucky. Not only did they win the competition but Quinn made him pay for dinner instead of using their gift card, hence making it their first date.

Glee never finishes without a bang and Duets didn’t either. Rachel felt for Kurt’s lonely existence and asked him to sing with her for one last song. Why? They share a common bond in the arts and no matter what the glee club loves him for who he is. The two did an emotional and really stellar mash-up of Get Happy/Happy Days are Here Again.

What was your favorite duet of Duets? Tune in to Glee in two weeks when they take on the ultimate theme — The Rocky Horror Picture Show! Can’t wait!

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