Johnny Depp surprises elementary school as Jack Sparrow

Oct 8, 2010 at 5:27 p.m. ET

If you ever doubted that Johnny Depp is the hands-down coolest, most awesome, thoughtful, talented and wonderful man on the planet -- savor this piece of news.

After receiving a handwritten letter addressed to Captain Jack Sparrow, his character in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, asking Captain Jack to come to her school and help her mutiny against the teachers, Johnny Depp showed up in full costume, with a handful of similarly dressed extras, to a South London school and surprised the letter writer, a young girl named Beatrice.

Johnny Depp visits a London classroom

Do you have any idea how much street credibility that kind of thing can buy you in fourth grade? Beatrice just became a legend!

Low quality video of Johnny's in-character appearance has already landed on YouTube and it shows Depp announcing, "My name is Captain Jack Sparrow and I came to visit your class, your school." He asks, "Where's Bea?" and you can hear the entire room gasp as he calls forward Beatrice, producing her letter to applause.

He asks the kids questions like, "Do you brush your teeth? If you don't brush your teeth they'll all fall out and you'll have to get [gold ones like these]" and offers to help them in their mutiny.

It's adorable and heartwarming and undeniably sexy. A man who's good with kids is a man any woman would love to be with -- especially if he looks like Johnny Depp.

What blows us away is, this wasn't a publicity stunt or a make-a-wish situation, this was simply Depp doing a good deed and making a little girl's dream come true. It makes us wonder how he'd respond if we sent him a hand-written note that went something like this:

"Dear Cap'n, why don't you help us mutiny against the tyranny of our clothing? We'll see you behind the bleachers after class for Seven Minutes in Heaven."

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