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Glee’s Jane Lynch hosting SNL with Bruno Mars

Our favorite Gleek Jane Lynch hosts Saturday Night Live on October 9 with musical guest Bruno Mars. Think there will be any Jane Lynch starring Glee skits?

Jane Lynch on SNLGlee fans set your DVRs! Jane Lynch is hosting Saturday Night Live this Saturday with musical guest Bruno Mars (Just the Way You Are).

Lynch, who never fails to get huge laughs in movies such as 40 Year Old Virgin, Talladega Nights and Best in Show, promises to deliver an awesome show — full of Glee skits, I’m sure.

First there was the Facebook fan page to get Betty White to host SNL, now Jane Lynch’s fan page and — voila! — she’s hosting. Although I’m sure they would have picked the Emmy-winning Gleek with or without Facebook.

Lynch “nervous” to host snl

How does Lynch feel about hosting her first SNL? “I can barely think about it I’m so nervous,” Lynch recently said. “I’m kinda having a hard time. I’m scared, because, it’s one of those things, there’s no take two. I’ve done live theatre, yeah, yeah, yeah, but it’s one of those things, there’s no take two, you can’t do it the next day. It’s over, it’s done.”

Judging by her promos (check her out below) we think she’ll do great! Saturday Night Live with Jane Lynch and musical guest Bruno Mars (who, by the way, was recently arrested for cocaine possession) will air October 9 at 11:30 p.m. on NBC.

Jane Lynch SNL preview!

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