Anderson Cooper latest star to speak out over tolerance

Anderson Cooper isn’t just taking offense to the word gay used in the trailer for Vince Vaughn’s upcoming comedy, The Dilemma, Cooper is all-out angry.

Anderson Cooper

According to reports, Anderson Cooper is declining to reveal his own sexual orientation, but in an appearance this week via satellite on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the 45-year-old CNN personality told the talk show host: “I was sitting in a movie theater over the weekend and there was a preview of a movie, and in it, the actor said, ‘That’s so gay,’ and I was shocked that not only did they put it in the movie, but that they put that in the preview. They thought that it was okay to put that in a preview for the movie to get people to go and see it.”

Anderson Cooper made the appearance with Ellen DeGeneres to discuss bullying and while he didn’t use Vince Vaughn’s name, it’s clear by the trailer what he was speaking of.

Cooper added, “I just find those words, those terms, we’ve got to do something to make those words unacceptable cause those words are hurting kids. Someone else I talked to recently said that the words people use and the things people say about other kids online, it enters into their internal dialogue. And when you’re a kid, it can change the way you see yourself and the way you think about yourself, and the worth that you give to yourself. I think we need to really focus on what language we’re using and how we’re treating these kids.”

Vince Vaughn is a tremendous actor and all-around great guy. We can only hope this won’t start a character slam-fest, because that would defeat the purpose. Right now, with the cases of bullying on the rise and the amount of star-power backing the cause, things are hypersensitive. I think Anderson Cooper was using it as an example as many stars have been appearing to open up about their own instances with hate or run-ins with hurtful language.

What’s your take on the trailer and Anderson Cooper?

Anderson Cooper on Ellen


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