Vampire Diaries recap: It’s every creature for themselves

Let’s get right into the drama that went down on this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, Kill or Be Killed.

On last week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) ended up on Mason’s bad side when he tried to kill the newly discovered werewolf, while Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena (Nina Dobrev) fooled everyone with a mock breakup, hoping to detour Katherine’s reign of terror.

Vampire Diaries

In this week’s episode, Kill or Be Killed, it was every creature for themselves.

The Lockwood mystery unfolds

Kill or Be Killed opens with a flashback of Mason killing his friend a year earlier in self defense during a fight that turned out to be not so accidental — we’ll get to that in a minute. He warned Tyler that any blood on his hands will trigger the curse, even accidental. Tyler still doesn’t hand over the moonstone just yet.

At the Gilbert house, Elena tells Jeremy that Mason is a werewolf but doesn’t want him involved. Jeremy befriends Tyler in hopes of learning more. The two take a few girls back to the Lockwood family home and party it up. While the girls are entertaining themselves with a few drinks, Jeremy tells Tyler he knows Mason’s secret.

Tyler spills all, including the curse’s trigger and the moonstone. One of the girls, Sarah, grabs the moonstone and she accidently falls down the stairs, but she’s okay. After narrowly avoiding the curse, Tyler fills Mason in on what happened and gives him the moonstone wanting no part in the situation anymore.

Vampire Diaries gets seriousLIZ SETS OFF A CHAIN REACTION

At odds over how to handle their werewolf problem, Stefan wanting peace and Damon wanting demise, the brothers agree that whatever the remedy, something needs to happen and fast.

Mason tried to pull a fast one on Damon and Stefan by sharing their little secret with Sheriff Liz Forbes. After seeing Damon’s reaction to a carefully placed cup of lemonade laced with vervain, she has no choice but to believe Mason.

Noticing Mason is on trash duty at a community function, Damon and Stefan go to confront him but it’s a trap. With wooden bullets blazing and vervain flowing, Sheriff Forbes rendered the brothers helpless and stashed them in the old Lockwood caves with Mason’s help before sending him away.

Caroline’s super-sonic ears catch all the action, and our newest vamp and Elena set out to help the Salvatore brothers, but not before Mason tries to stop them. Caroline takes the werewolf down but not before he reminded her of what her mother would think if she knew Caroline was a cold-blooded killer.

Meanwhile in The Vampire Diaries, Caroline and Elena find the caves but Sheriff Forbes’ daughter has a change of heart and begs Elena to let it go. Elena heads down into the caves on her own.

Caroline can’t leave her new friends to die so the normally selfish teen comes to their rescue, ultimately revealing her identity to her mother.

In order to recover, Damon drinks human blood but Stefan doesn’t opt to. Caroline begs her mother to keep quiet knowing Damon will kill her.

Damon can’t do the deed when it comes down to it. Sheriff Forbes has become his friend. They stash her at the boarding house until Damon can properly compel her memories of the night’s events. Sheriff Forbes said she doesn’t want to see Caroline, her daughter no longer exists.

A distraught Caroline revealed to Elena that Katherine was threatening to hurt Matt if she didn’t help sabotage her and Stefan’s relationship.

Stefan realized he needs to drink human blood, but in moderation, if he’s going to gain the strength needed to fight Katherine. Elena chooses to stand by his side.


In a surprise meeting, Mason shows up to see Katherine. It’s revealed that she was there when Mason killed his friend and the curse was triggered. Coincidence? I think not. Something tells me Kat started the fight between the two friends.

She’s not happy about what he did to the Salvatore brothers but when he tells her he has the moonstone all is forgiven. They kiss!

Stay tuned next week when more about the moonstone is revealed and fangs are sharpened!

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