Project Runway recap: A surprising HIV revelation

Oct 1, 2010 at 3:07 p.m. ET

On Project Runway season 8, episode 10, titled There’s a Pattern Here, contestants were to design a fabric that was inspired by a moment from their past. Project Runway season 8, episode 10, brought about some interesting revelations from the contestants, including one who announced he was HIV positive.

Designer Rachel Roy is the guest judge in season 8 episode 10 of Project Runway. The challenge is to create a design that will be turned into a fabric. The catch? It has to relate to something personal that has happened in their life. Who better to help the designers be inspired by childhood experiences but their moms? The surprise visitors bring about lots of tears and hugs.

The moms have it on Project Runway season 8 episode 10

The judging

Gretchen's Southwest-inspired sunbonnet shirt does not impress the judges, especially Nina. Guest judge Rachel Roy says it is an "almost" outfit, while Michael digs the "disco earth" stretch pants. Chris, who decides to use water fabric, creates an off-the-shoulder shirt and pants outfit. Nina and Heidi both think it is fine, but a little safe. Andy, who had a rocky start initially, creates a watercolor bubble print outfit. Kors critiques the outfit, saying it has "sleeping eyes" on the chest. Valerie's black print dress doesn't fare much better with the judges.

The winner plus the HIV confession

The judges love April's "charming" one-shoulder dress, but the clear winner is Mondo. He creates a cowl-necked shirt, hot pink and blue print high-waisted pant outfit paired with a black jacket. He explains it is symbolism for who he is now and goes on to confess he has been HIV positive for a decade.

The two lowest scores go to Andy and Valerie -- with Valerie being told she is "out!"

Stay tuned next week when the designers will create a piece for Heidi Klum.

Project Runway season 8 episode 10 video clip

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