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The Good Wife premiere review

The Good Wife rocketed back into the public consciousness with its season premiere entitled Taking Control. If you missed it, here is our play-by-play recap!

The Good Wife, starring Julianna Margulies, is back with an interesting case for our favorite TV attorney and also with new faces that only add to the fantastic drama produced each week on The Good Wife.

The cast of The Good Wife

As The Good Wife’s first season closed, a love triangle was coming to the forefront and the season premiere kept that hot plot moving. The complicated relationship between Alicia, Will and Peter should prove to be a central point through the first half of this second season.

Our sister site,, said of the episode: “The set-up of Eli erasing the latter’s heartfelt voicemail was a bit soap opera-ish, but it was a necessary, welcome move. I don’t wanna spend every episode wondering whether these two will get together.

“I’m content to move their in-between relationship to the background for a bit, especially if it gives us a chance to see what makes Alicia and Peter work. In any good love triangle, we need to actually believe that the person at the center could end up with either suitor.”

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The Good Wife season premiere clip!

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