Glee Britney Spears episode rocks!

Sep 29, 2010 at 9:28 a.m. ET

The kids of McKinley High's New Directions glee club asked for a Britney Spears assignment and got more than they bargained for on Fox's Glee. John Stamos plus nitrous oxide equals Britney Spears is what you missed if you somehow didn't catch this week's episode of Glee.

The creator of Fox's revolutionary hit series Glee, Ryan Murphy, finally gave us what we've been waiting for since the rumor gates opened -- a Glee Britney Spears episode. That's right, Glee and pop icon Britney Spears finally collided and New Directions' Brittany met her match. So, how did Fox and Ryan Murphy combine Glee and Britney Spears? Here's how it all went down.

Heather Morris on Glee

The glee club was itching to do some hardcore pop culture music due to Kurt's (Chris Colfer) begging -- enter Britney Spears -- but Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison), the anti-Britney Spears, was not having it because of her past indiscretions. He wanted them to do some wholesome adult contemporary jams. The kids were definitely not feeling the Michael Bolton. Another surprising hater of Britney Spears? Our very own glee clubber, Brittany. "Why no Britney, Brittany?" Loved it when Kurt asked that question!

As if Mr. Schuester being accused of being uptight wasn't bad enough, he came face to face with Emma's new dentist beau, Carl, in the form of John Stamos. Carl is everything Emma and Mr. Schuester are not. He's carefree and reckless. He basically brings out the spontaneous in Emma, something our favorite glee teacher couldn't do. Of course, when Mr. Schuester finds out Carl drives a corvette, the Emma-pining sap goes out and buys one of his own to prove he can hang with the best.

On the flip side, Carl wasn't just there to drive Mr. Schuester crazy. He stopped by to give the glee club kids some friendly teeth advice and invited them in for a cleaning and something more. Here's where it gets Britney, bitch!

Brittany does Britney on Glee

As each of the Glee kids had a dose of our hot dentist's laughing gas they had a Britney Spears fantasy that "changed their life."

Brittany (Heather Morris) tackled I'm a Slave 4 U and returned for more wacky gas with buddy Santana to perform Me Against the Music, where Britney Spears turned up to play herself at the end of the fantasy and got up close and personal with the cheerio. Brittany returned to glee club with a new lease on rocking out to Britney. In the scene stealing quote of the night, in my opinion, Kurt put it best: "See, Mr. Shue? I told you. Britney Spears busted our Brittany out of her everyday, fragmented haze of confusion and gave her the confidence to step up and perform." Brittany followed up with: "I'm more talented than all of you. I see that clearly now."

Heather Morris rocked it as a dancer and it was hard telling it wasn't Britney Spears. She looked impressively like the pop queen.

Next in the dentist chair came Rachel's (Lea Michele) version of Baby One More Time and Artie's scene-stealing Stronger. While Rachel used her song and dance to relate to losing Finn (Cory Monteith) if he got back on the football team, Artie used his power-house performance to prove his worth on the field in hopes of getting Tina back.

In a surprise for many, Rachel's feature lacked in comparison to the other Britney Spears numbers. Artie being wheeled down the field by Finn and Puck as he sang Stronger was pretty stellar. Oh, and he and Finn made the team.

To cap off the episode, Will Schuester tried to prove he's not dull by finally allowing the kids to do Britney Spears music at the weekly pep rally. He joined them in a sex-charged version of Toxic, after which Sue Sylvester pulled the fire alarm exclaiming, "It's a Britney Spears sex riot!"

In the end, Glee's leader realized he is who he is and went back to his old car and Rachel dedicated the song The Only Exception to Finn and it looks like they might keep on the course of love.

Britney Spears made some fun cameos in the fantasies but it was more about the music and it was a fun episode. Iconic, maybe not, but fun yes. Madonna's episode was a bit more memorable and there have been other episodes that stand out a bit more.

Check out next week's religion episode of Glee and in the meantime, tell us what Britney Spears remake you liked best courtesy of Ryan Murphy and Glee.

Glee Britney Spears video!

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