Glee does Britney Spears!

Sep 28, 2010 at 1:37 p.m. ET

Much to Sue Sylvester's horror, Glee is going totally Britney Spears tonight! When Ryan Murphy wrote up the Spears-inspired episode, he was hoping the diva herself would make an appearance -- and she came through. Tonight on Glee, Britney meets Brittany!

"Working on Glee was an amazing experience," Spears said. "The cast is so talented, and I really had an incredible time working with Ryan Murphy."

Britney Spears gets a tribute on Glee

Britney Spears had so much fun on the Glee set that it has taken over her Twitter page. Not only did she tweet during her days onset with the cast in August, but she's also plastered her page with pix of herself wearing the McKinley High cheerleader uniform and being hounded by Sue Sylvester!

"Had so much fun on set today. My new BFF's…" she tweeted in August, linking to a picture of herself with Heather Morris (Brittany).

In tonight's episode, Will wants the Gleeks to go adult contemporary for a school assembly, but they have other ideas. They get inspired by New Directions' campaign to perform Spears' greatest hits -- especially after they learn their own Brittany has a connection to the superstar.

Britney Spears and Brittany on Glee

The ditzy cheerleader will take the lead in the episode, in which she dreams of being the original Brit Brit. She'll go totally Spears to perform both Toxic and I'm a Slave 4 U, and yes, that includes wearing a snake!

Lea Michele will go schoolgirl for a rendition of Brit's Baby One More Time, and we'll also see Glee vamp for Oops I Did It Again, Stronger and Me Against the Music.

Don't let the Britney Spears moments blind you from the episode's other big arrival:

John Stamos enters the fray as Emma's new love interest, Dr. Carl, and the good doctor's attention might just inspire Will to fight for his girl!

John Stamos visits Glee

Tune in to see Britney Spears and John Stamos take on McKinley High tonight at 8 pm, on Fox -- you can even tweet along with the diva herself.

"Can't wait for Glee tomorrow night," Britney Spears tweeted yesterday. "I'm going to tweet along as it airs on the West Coast so we can watch together."

The Britney Spears Glee episode preview

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