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She’s Gone Country book review

The heat is on in Jane Porter’s newest novel She’s Gone Country. NYC fashion model turned Texas ranch mom, Shey, finds herself struggling with a divorce, three sons and a rugged blast from the past who just happens to be a former high school crush.

She's Gone Country

Porter’s newest novel takes readers down Texas back roads to face struggles of divorce, single motherhood and an old flame heating up.

Welcome home, Shey

Jane Porter’s new book, She’s Gone Country, finds 39-year-old, mother of three, Shey Lynne back in her small country hometown. Shey is on the brink since her life hasn’t turned out the way she wanted and is trying to find out where she lost herself along the way. Her supermodel picture-perfect life in New York City goes up in smoke when her husband leaves her for another…man.

Porter’s given Shey a Pandora’s Box full of life’s struggles as she tries to rebuild her life.

When Shey’s brother dies, she takes her three teenage sons with her to the funeral and decides to stay in her small hometown in Texas.

There’s no time to stop and grieve as Shey faces money and parenting problems. She also finds herself bucking against the perception her two brothers and mother have of her from when she was a teenager, while grappling with how to help her own boys navigate the pain of her impending divorce.

Porter’s romantic lead awakens Shey’s hormones and infuses her with a new struggle of balancing being a mother and her own desires. It’s a classic Porter style to have a male character infuse the passion and laughter back into the main character. This time Ms. Porter has created the sexy, rugged cowboy and Shey’s former childhood sweetheart, Dane, who fills out his Wrangler jeans in a way that makes the reader say “giddy up!”

While Porter creates a world of chaos and struggle, She’s Gone Country takes a few chapters to find its center. Her main character hasn’t lived at home since she was sixteen and often plays coy with her career as a model, while struggling to make ends meet as an accountant for the family farm. Once Dane enters the picture, the heat is on and the pace of She’s Gone Country picks up to a delightful, yet realistic struggle of a life as a suddenly single mother that’s hard to put down.

She’s Gone Country review

Out of five stars…


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