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American Idol takes auditions to the Internet

Fox and American Idol are wreaking havoc on the judges’ table and now they’re taking their auditions to the Internet with the help of MySpace.

In a complete twist, American Idol is pairing up with MySpace for its tenth season. The Fox reality show and social networking site are teaming up to allow American Idol hopefuls to audition online. American Idol announced that audition videos are currently being accepted on MySpace and can be uploaded through October 6.

American Idol

Here are the rules: The submissions must be sung a cappella and come from an American Idol approved list of songs. Chosen contestants will then make their way to LA for a round of callbacks.

The online audition process comes right after a source confirmed that Jennifer Lopez sealed a deal with Fox to become the newest American Idol judge. Jennifer Lopez reportedly settled at a cool $12 million. She is also supposedly joining other newcomer Steven Tyler and locked-in judge Randy Jackson.

Here’s my theory: You change a perfected formula too much and it becomes unrecognizable to the masses. The American voting public is only so forgiving. Plus, you thought the bad auditions were pitiful during the televised rounds, imagine the loony birds you’ll get online. I’m just saying, I’m not sure what to make of all this.

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