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America’s Got Talent finale: Michael Grimm and the cast chat!

Nick Cannon’s candor

With rumors swirling about Nick Cannon and wife Mariah Carey expecting their first baby, Cannon reveals he has bigger dreams than showbiz for his kids. “I want a doctor or an astronaut,” he told SheKnows. “I’d say, ‘Entertainment? You’re not reaching far enough. I want you to be the president, a world leader or a heart surgeon.'”

Finally, the guys from the Goo Goo Dolls were sporting Clownvis Presley t-shirts and feeling the Clownvis love. “America’s Got Talent, but sometimes, they’ve got no taste,” quipped frontman Johnny Rzeznik.

SheKnows isn’t sure if he was riffing on his bandmates or referring to the winner, but it’s sure to ring true to those who’ve taken to Twitter in a rage over how Grimm won America’s Got Talent, instead of Evancho, Poppycock or Cannon’s personal fave, Fighting Gravity. But hey, Grimm got the votes! End of story and season.

Jackie Evancho video interview

Up next…saving the most fab for last, Jewel steps in front of the SheKnows camera!

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