10 Best movies for a girls’ night

Sep 16, 2010 at 12:40 a.m. ET

Put your life of endless to-do lists, appointments, and constant demands on pause by having a girls’ night. If the last time you and the gang got together was back in junior high for your birthday sleepover where you sang along to Grease for the 12th time, here’s your chance to change up your movie mantra!

Single friends watching movie

Check out these 10 best films (okay, chick flicks) for your next girls' night.

1Sleepless in Seattle

Tom Hanks as the perfect husband and Meg Ryan as the one who dares to believe in true love easily helps us renew our faith in love and romance.

2Pretty Woman

Julia Roberts is the first lady of romantic comedies, even if she's playing a hooker! Who can resist this classic of the rich man (Richard Gere) who rides in on a white limo.

3The Notebook

A top chick flick list is never complete without one old-fashioned tearjerker, and "The Notebook" certainly fits the bill.

4Robin hood

So it may not be all chick flick, but with Maid Marian capturing the heart of Robin Hood (Kevin Costner) while holding her own in battle, this one has to make the list.

5Thelma and Louise

Who can resist the trio of Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis and Brad Pitt combining women, friendship          and adventure.


It's the romantic movie that cemented Demi Moore as a star and it even appealed to a lot of men (only for the supernatural part, of course!).

7Love Actually

Set at Christmas time, this is the perfect holiday chick flick to watch where several love stories are told at once—definitely giving us the most bang for our buck!

8The Wedding Singer

You have to love quirky Adam Sandler and adorable Drew Barrymore finding something that works in the decade that just won't go away—the '80s.

9Sex and the City

Fashion, friends and flirting all rolled up into one to make a film that is rapidly becoming the quintessential chick flick.

10While you were sleeping

All hail Sandra Bullock as one of our faves for the movie that features a stereotypical, well groomed, pompous guy who almost gets hit by a train and is knocked into a coma, paving the     way for his more down-to-earth brother to scoop up the affections of his wannabe girlfriend.

Any one of these movies will make for a fun and relaxing girls' night, just the way it should be.

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