Emma Stone speaks her mind

Easy A works so brilliantly largely to the expert comic craftsmanship of its star, Emma Stone. Vivaciously appearing in every scene, Easy A is Emma Stone and Emma Stone is Easy A, the two cannot be separated.

Thus, the film should serve as a star-making turn for Emma Stone that shoots the actress directly to the upper echelons of the A-list.

Emma Stone in Easy A

In Easy A, Stone plays Olive, a teenager who has a reputation ruining rumor catch fire, only to embrace it. Her Ojai, California high school girl comes up against religious zealots (Amanda Bynes), a guy she wants to be her boyfriend (Penn Badgley) and every other boy and girl in the school with an opinion on her Scarlet Letter inspired personal revolution.

Several weeks ago, SheKnows caught up with Emma Stone on the Mississippi set of The Help with the rest of her stellar cast, but on this day, we have the actress all to ourselves to discuss what could very well be the smartest and funniest film of the fall.

Penn Badgley and Emma Stone in Easy A

Audiences know Emma Stone. From her terrific performance in Zombieland to Superbad and House Bunny, Stone steals scenes, and now with Easy A, the spotlight is all hers.

Emma Stone exclusive video interview


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