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Katherine Schwarzenegger releases book to motivate women

Katherine Schwarzenegger, daughter to Arnold and Maria Shriver, has written a new book to help inspire young women and tackle the body image issues they face. Growing up with famous parents and in the heart of Hollywood, the 20-year-old is no stranger to the pressure young women face when it comes to beauty. Schwarzenegger’s new book, available September 14, is called Rock What You’ve Got: Secrets to Loving Your Inner and Outer Beauty from Someone Who’s Been There and Back.

Katherine Schwarzenegger’s new book just might be another silly celebrity tell-all. Or it just might be something of substance with valuable lessons and promise for a generation of women who are flooded with pressure to be beautiful and perfect.

Rock what you’ve got!

Rock What You’ve Got by the 20-year-old daughter of action-star-turned-California-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver is due out September 14.

Katherine Schwarzenegger hopes to encourage young girls to avoid an unhealthy fixation on their weight and looks — something she is all too familiar with growing up with famous parents under the harsh spotlight of Hollywood.

According to the news release Schwarzenegger wants “girls to read this and feel that it’s OK to be themselves — and to understand that every girl can be beautiful no matter what size and shape she is. You don’t have to look like you’re on a billboard to feel beautiful.”

The University of Southern California junior also provides a look at her upbringing — from her famous actor dad to her mom’s side of the family among the Kennedys — in the book.

Katherine Schwarzenegger

“I never thought I would write a book,” she continued in the release. “But my fuel came from research and information on the growing number of girls who feel so much pressure to be thin — and how young all of this is starting. My goal is to let girls know they’re not alone when they’re going through this and to spread the word about what young girls are going through today. Society needs to know about the kind of pressure that is put on girls. We have to change it in some way.”

Katherine Schwarzenegger was inspired to write the book after she overheard her eight-year-old cousins talking about their bodies in a negative light, something that hit home as she had struggled with body image as a young girl as well.

According to Katherine, they were “?talking about how they don’t want to be fat and how they want to be sexy.” The book also features a section for moms with tips on how to raise daughters to have a positive body image.

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