Seinfeld's Michael Richards sued for beating a photographer

Sep 13, 2010 at 3:25 p.m. ET

Michael Richards just can’t lay low, can he?

Michael Richards

TMZ got access to a lawsuit claiming the former Seinfeld star gave quite the beat-down to a photographer in LA last month. According to the alleged lawsuit, photographer Brendon O'Neal is saying on August 25 Michael Richards walked up to him on an LA street in a "menacing manner" with "closed fists." Richards then reportedly laid the smackdown on the photographer.

The lawsuit was filed September 10 in an LA County Superior Court. Brendon O'Neal is allegedly saying Michael Richards hit him in the face, sent him to the ground and then "proceeded to kick O'Neal numerous times, directing the blows to O'Neal's arms, hands, and camera."

Brendon O'Neal is claiming Michael Richards caused him "great mental, physical, and nervous pain and suffering." He is reportedly asking for an unspecified amount to cover damages and medical expenses, among other issues.

So, why would Michael Richards approach a man on the street and deliver a butt whopping? Not sure, the lawsuit isn't saying.

In 2006, he did famously freak out at the Laugh Factory, dropping the "N" word in a ballistic tirade. Maybe he needs more anger management.

Calls to his rep have not been returned.