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Has Karissa Shannon’s sex tape made its debut?

After an aggressive three-way struggle between Spencer Pratt, Karissa Shannon and Vivid Entertainment for an exclusive sex tape featuring Shannon and her boyfriend Sam Jones, has it finally surfaced?

Karissa Shannon

TMZ is reporting Vivid Entertainment has received a copy of the sex tape featuring Karissa Shannon and her boyfriend, Sam Jones.

So, does that mean Spencer Pratt flew high above the legal eagles to deliver the hot little item? Steve Hirsch of Vivid Entertainment is claiming it was sent to him from “a reputable third party” and of course he’d “love to be able to release it.”

If it was Spencer Pratt, I’m not sure “reputable” is the right word in this case. Karissa Shannon recently threatened to sue the pants off of Pratt if he made a move to sell the tape, which means it must really exist.

According to TMZ, Steve Hirsch told the website he has seen the tape himself and he’s very “impressed with the quality and content.”

I can already see the search engines lighting up. Not so fast all you curious voyeurs. You won’t find Karissa Shannon and Sam Jones on the Internet just yet.

TMZ allegedly spoke to Sam Jones and the alleged costar of the film said, “I understand that the guy from Vivid saw footage with Karissa and I in it. We have spoken to our legal team and they will be dealing with this ASAP.”

Aw, just when it was getting good. Sounds like the Spencer Pratt, Karissa Shannon, Vivid Entertainment saga is just heating up. Stay tuned for more on this scandalous story.

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