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Karissa Shannon demands sex tapes back from Spencer Pratt

After claiming Spencer Pratt was crying wolf, Playboy model Karissa Shannon might be changing her tune.

Karissa Shannon

Spencer Pratt really does have his sticky little hands on a bedroom romp tape featuring Karissa Shannon and her boyfriend, Sam Jones. If he didn’t, why would she go the extra mile to assure her rights?

Karissa Shannon originally didn’t believe Spencer Pratt was in possession of a sex tape featuring the Playboy model and Sam Jones, but now she’s threatening to sue the pants off Spencer Pratt if he tries to capitalize off of whatever it is he does have.

Hayes F Michel, Karissa Shannon’s lawyer, blasted the former Hills star in a letter requesting Pratt return the naughty film. Michel claims the footage “was taken from her possession” and “contains private materials,” TMZ is reporting.

“It had been reported in the press that you were attempting to publish, distribute, sell, license or otherwise exploit filmed footage of Ms Shannon. According to press reports, you are no longer threatening to do that. This decision is wise,” Michel wrote. “Were you to follow through with your initial threat, Ms Shannon would file a lawsuit to enjoin the sale and-or distribution and seek monetary damages from you.”

In true lawyer fashion, Hayes F Michel is asking that Spencer Pratt make good on immediate arrangements to return all copies of the tape or tapes, however many there are.

But that’s not all. Pratt’s word obviously isn’t gold, so he’s being asked to put it in writing. Reportedly the reality star is being asked to give written acknowledgment that he will never attempt to “publish, distribute, sell, license or otherwise exploit the footage.” He must also provide Shannon’s attorney with the “people and/or companies” who have witnessed or snagged copies of the tapes.

Leave it to Spencer Pratt to fire back via Twitter. “Maybe if I threaten to release a solo sex tape, humanity will pay me $5 million not to,” he wrote. “Would love to give Karissa Shannon her sex tape back, but it’s currently serving as the keystone of my awesome sex tape fort.”

For the love of all that is sacred in this world, namely my eyes, do not release your own tape of love. Please Spencer Pratt, I beg of you.

So what does that mean for the alleged tape supposedly featuring Heidi Montag and Karissa Shannon? A source close to allegedly confirmed the sex tapes featuring Karissa Shannon and Heidi Montag are very real, but are being kept hidden for the moment.

“There’s more than one. But that doesn’t mean they’ll ever see the light of day, despite Pratt’s threats,” the source told “This is all a PR stunt, they will never really sell unless they get desperate.”

Here’s a thought, stop making sex tapes people! And if you do, keep them to yourself. Have we learned nothing from Ray J and Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton for that matter? It gets out. Oh, wait. This is Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. My bad, poor Karissa Shannon just got caught up in the mix. Or did she?

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