Daily Celebrity Buzz for September 2nd, 2010

Sep 2, 2010 at 6:00 p.m. ET

Check out today's top celebrity news stories including Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, TI and much more!

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez will probably be polluting your living room next season on American Idol - TMZ

Happy 90210 day! - Too Fab!

Lady Gaga stands for truth, justice and the American way - The Hollywood Gossip

Hmmm, looks like TI is gonna be heading back to jail - Celebrifi

If you still haven't figured out why Lindsay Lohan is such a train wreck, I'd like to introduce you to reason #1 of 150: her father - Allie Is Wired

Mariah Carey with some clothes on for once - The Berry

Is this the cover of Kim Kardashian's new sex tape? - ICYDK

Jessica Alba looks like crap - Limelife

Chelsea Handler is awesome. End of story. - E! Online

Kelly Osbourne channels her inner FemBot - Anything Hollywood

The Discovery Channel hostage crisis was all Kate Gosselin's fault - Reality TV Magazine

Dear radio staions: Three Katy Perry songs in an hour makes me stabby. kthnxbai - Dana's Dirt

Ashton Kutcher is not givin' up that gravy train yet - Splash News

But that doesn't mean the stench of desperation is not thick around Demi Moore - Hollywood Chaos

Introducing The A-List: It's like Real Housewives for the gays - The Frisky