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Emma Thompson reads Nanny McPhee Returns


Nanny McPhee Returns arrives in novel form and thankfully for fans everywhere, the source of the Nanny McPhee universe, Emma Thompson, not only wrote the book, but also narrates the audio book. We’ve got an exclusive of the author reading part of her literary creation.

After witnessing the Universal Pictures sequel to 2005’s Nanny McPhee, or better yet before, dive into Emma Thompson’s words on the page or listen to her narration!

Emma Thompson reads Nanny McPhee Returns

All the magic of the movie version illuminates every page, but what is a special gift, is hearing Thompson put the book-on-tape narration world on notice. Considering Emma Thompson’s passion for Nanny McPhee and its history based on Christianna Brand’s children’s books, having an actress of Thompson’s caliber can only make the audio book experience priceless.

Having an Oscar-winning writer in Emma Thompson doesn’t hurt things when it comes to putting movie words into the page-turning form of a book. Hearing those words come to life through Thompson’s acting proficiency is a match made in heaven.

What’s so thrilling about the on-the-page version of Nanny McPhee Returns is how Thompson alternates between chapters of the story and a behind-the-scenes diary of making the movie that is now out for the world to read.

The last we caught up with Nanny McPhee it was decades ago and in Nanny McPhee Returns it is World War II England and it’s a family with a father away at war who needs the magical Supernanny.

Emma Thompson reads Nanny McPhee Returns

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