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Heart moms: Ann and Nancy Wilson talk family

Ann and Nancy Wilson have literally been joined at the hip since they were little girls. As adults, the pair continues to be connected as the heart of the rock group Heart. But, Ann and Nancy Wilson are also mothers who have lived the rock and roll motherhood lifestyle that Sheryl Crow is just now discovering with her two young sons.

Heart guitarist Nancy Wilson poses for her son

The Wilson sisters took the rock world by storm in the 1970s with huge hits Crazy on You, Magic Man, Barracuda, and then in the 1980s with Alone and What About Love.

Both musicians are mothers and have tackled the same issues all moms do today with balancing their demanding work schedules and raising their children.

Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart took time out of their tour supporting their latest record, Red Velvet Car, to write a blog post for SheKnows exclusively about what it means to them to be a rock and roll parent!

Nancy Wilson

Now that my twins are 10, one of the best things of all, is to see how close they’ve become, how much they love each other, and entertain each other. I tell them together they could rule the world. The hardest part is keeping up with the intensity of their energy that only sparks when they are together. One boy at a time is a completely different story.

The sweetest part of all, when the kids can travel on the road with me, is seeing them appreciate my job for the first time. How much fun it is to ride on the tour bus together. [Check out the photo above of Nancy’s sons, Billy and Curtis, admiring their mom performing!]

Heart's Ann Wilson's son gets a lessonAnn Wilson

Being a single mom has serious drawbacks in that the buck stops with you. But on the other hand that’s one of the good things about it. You don’t have to balance out anyone else’s opinion. You have to learn how to split your brain and think of two things at once, so that you’re singing the words of a song and at the same time you are dealing with your 19-year-old daughter’s crisis.

My 12-year-old son, is still at the age where he likes to travel with me, and gets excited about being a part of the road crew. It’s really amazing to watch him turn into a young man, right in front of my eyes.

[Photo at right shows Ann’s son, Dustin, getting lessons about connecting a pedal board for his mom’s latest tour stop.]

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