Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman Switch it up

Jennifer Aniston’s pregnant — not!

SheKnows: On tabloid covers, Jennifer, they have you with a hand on your tummy and say “Jen’s baby.”

Jennifer Aniston: Yeah. I have 13 children by now [laughs].

Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston talk a walk in The Switch

SheKnows: How do you react to that? Does it make you angry?

Jason Bateman: It’s like reading a good comic book. It’s all fiction and sometimes they come up with interesting crap and other times it’s boring crap.

Jennifer Aniston: Yeah, sort of like on Days of our Lives when Deirdre Hall was possessed [laughs]. That wasn’t a good phase.

SheKnows: Jason, Wally is like a few other characters you’ve played; spiritually strangulated guys who eventually come around and do the right thing. Are you specifically drawn to playing that type of guy?

Jason Bateman: I don’t know how much of that was in the script and how much of that is just sort of me being interested in that kind of character and me trying to cram that character into what was written. I think that what you’re describing is pretty much a part of all of us. I just find that an interesting character to watch on film currently. I kind of like finding that part of a particular character.

SheKnows: In The Back-up Plan and The Kids Are All Right, sperm donors seem to be more and more the norm in Hollywood films.

Jennifer Aniston: That’s true and I think more stories are able to be told. That’s what is sort of refreshing. We read this a long time ago. This was like three years ago that this [script] came into my realm.

SheKnows: Jennifer, what draws you generally to a role? What are you specifically looking for?

Jennifer Aniston: It sort of comes from just having usually a gut reaction to the story and also having the story rooted in reality. And jumping off from there is always more interesting to me, movies that are in the vein of like The Breakup, or Marley & Me. They are true stories to life and relatable stories and then sort of the comedy comes out of that. And, if I’m moved, I usually need to have a moment where the story is poignant in some way.

SheKnows: Do you two think that it’s possible for a man and a woman to be best friends without a physical relationship?

Jennifer Aniston: Yes. I mean, I have.

Jason Bateman: No [laughs].

Jason Bateman pulls a Switch

Jennifer Aniston: There you go. I mean that’s funny because I think it’s hard. I think women would have an easier time with it than men do. Don’t you agree?

Jason Bateman: Yeah because, I don’t want to make a horrible generalization, but a lot of the guys that I’ve met will sleep with pretty much any girl they meet [more laughter]. If you actually are really good friends with that girl too, well, like that’s a homerun. [Jennifer is dying laughing by now]. How can you resist that? In other words, the first part you really can’t shut off. I don’t know. I feel like, yeah, a guy and a girl can remain best friends and not have something happen as long as one of them is in a relationship. As soon as both are single, you just kind of start the clock. Then you just soak it in booze and things happen [everyone laughs].

SheKnows: Jason, Wally and his son have little things in common, whether it’s that both make yum-yum noises when they eat or they have hypochondria. What do you see in your daughter that’s like you?

Jennifer Aniston: Besides your face.

Jason Bateman: Yeah, she’ll grow out of that. God, please! She does enjoy a good carbohydrate. The baby trainer, she’s so expensive but she’s going to drop the weight. But, I got kicked out of a couple of schools because I like the sound of my voice as you can tell. She’s got some of that but maybe that’s just being three-and-a-half, I don’t know. She seems to really like to make people laugh and she likes playing with different voices, different faces. Again, I don’t know how much of that is three-and-a-half. If she’s still doing that at 35, we’ll call a doctor.

SheKnows: There is a seven year gap in this film and you guys don’t age. Was that intentional?

Jason Bateman: I had gray temples.

Jennifer Aniston: I had longer hair. We should have done a little age on the face but I have to say something…this man, I’ve known him for 15 years, he doesn’t look any different.

Jason Bateman: Thanks, but ultimately [aging on film] is sort of distracting, I think, to the audience, at least for me. If I’m sitting in the theater I’m like, “You didn’t need to do that.” Just put ‘seven years later’ on the screen and let me enjoy the story. Don’t remind me what some cheap make-up appliance is in every scene. I want to be in the story.

Jennifer Aniston on channeling Barbra Streisand

SheKnows: Speaking of make-up and changes, Jennifer, the Barbra Streisand photos you were in for Harper’s Bazaar are remarkable. Talk a bit about how that happened and also, have you had a reaction from her?

[Note: Aniston’s Streisand look-alike photo shoot took place at a Los Angeles theater. While taking snaps, the actress played Streisand’s 1964 signature song, People, and wore splashy outfits inspired by Streisand’s wardrobe in two of her bigger movie hits, What’s Up, Doc? and Funny Girl.]

Jennifer Aniston: I have in fact. She’s just fantastic. This is an idea that Chris McMillan, my hairdresser, had. Basically, he has been saying that he has wanted to do this for years and “Why don’t you?” because he can then use my head as a Barbie doll. I met her on New Year’s Eve. We just chatted. We went through midnight together, me and her and Jim [Brolin]. And then we had a couple of dinners and I told her about this idea at Harper’s Bazaar. We had told them the idea and they loved it. She’s a darling and lovely and humble and is an icon. It was really special for me to get to play around like that and do that. I was really happy.

Rumors, rumors, rumors

SheKnows: There have been rumors about the Arrested Development movie and recently about a possible Friends movie. Any truth?

Jennifer Aniston: There are no plans on a Friends movie. [To Jason] and there is a plan on your movie.

Jason Bateman: Yeah, but there is no new news. Somebody asked when we were doing the on-camera stuff yesterday and someone said, “You and Jen have done a couple of movies together. You guys have got to keep working together, what about like the Arrested Development movie?” I said, “Actually there is a great part for Jen in the Arrested Development movie that I’m going to pitch her.” It was like that…just having fun.

Jennifer Aniston: That’s how it gets started…

Jason Bateman: Now there are about 25 headlines on crappy blogs saying, “Jennifer Aniston to do the new Arrested Development movie.” I hate talking about it because there is never anything significant to report, but it’s something that we’d all love to do hopefully soon.

SheKnows: In the film, there is a scene in which young Sebastian collects picture frames with the original pictures from the store in them. Those people are his family. It’s a heartbreaking scene. Was it a statement about how women are selfish having these children alone? Or do you not see it that way?
Jennifer Aniston: I think that scene made [Jason’s character] have to come to a realization that he has to sort of step up and admit and be honest with the situation because there is a father. There is someone there. I think that’s sort of what that was, but selfish? I just don’t see it that way. I really don’t. It’s what the point of a lot of the movie is. It defines family. It isn’t necessarily the traditional mother, father, two children and a dog named Spot. It’s like love is love and family is about what is around you and who is in your immediate sphere. Wally, whether he was the father or not, was the family.

Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston in The Switch

My favorite scene in this movie is when after he has confessed to Kassie, he goes to Jeff Goldblum and Jeff Goldblum finally says, “Wally just go home” and Wally says, “But they are my home.” That’s what I love about this movie is that it’s saying it’s not the traditional sort of stereotype of what family is, of what, as a society, we’ve been taught. It’s evolved. I don’t think it’s selfish. I think it’s actually quite beautiful because there are children that don’t have homes that can have a home and be loved. That’s extremely important.

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