Daily Celebrity Buzz for August 19th, 2010

Check out today’s top celebrity news stories including Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Harry Potter and much more!

Britney Spears Twitter

Lindsay Lohan isn’t an addict, just a brat – TMZ

Britney Spears Bra Watch 2010: so far, so good on the set of GleeToo Fab!

I hope Kat Von D keeps a bottle of penicillin handy at all times – The Hollywood Gossip

Hopefully she’ll share some of it with Adam Lambert’s front row fans – Allie Is Wired

Blake Lively says serious actor-type stuff to Ben AffleckCelebrifi

Harry Potter totally making out with some chick in The Deathly HallowsThe Berry

But I’m pretty sure Harry Potter won’t be wearing this brand when he finally gets her to go all the way – E! Online

True Blood is truly bloody and naked on the cover of Rolling StoneICYDK

Brad Pitt and Angelna Jolie bought another house. That’s like the third one this month. Yawn. – Limelife

Kim Kardashian is still talking about her sex tape like we still care – Anything Hollywood

Hugh Grant still gets around – Hollywood Chaos

It’s called America’s Got Talent, not Homewreckers in Bikinis. Put it away please, LeAnn Rimes. – Reality TV Magazine

Who’s getting married on How I Met Your Mother? – TV Fanatic

Well, Paris Hilton certainly has seen the inside of her share of hotel rooms. – Splash News

Taylor Momsen’s fashion sense is actually less “high class” and more “hooker” – The Frisky


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