Tyra Banks apologizes for controversial America's Next Top Model promo

Aug 17, 2010 at 9:24 a.m. ET

Tyra Banks can take the heat when it comes to the scrutiny over her own weight and will never apologize for her curves. But a recent controversial promo for America's Next Top Model left the supermodel no choice but to admit a blunder.

After a new America's Next Top Model promo featuring a 6-foot 2-inch model with a frightfully thin waist caused an uproar, Tyra Banks took to her website to apologize.

America's Next Top Model

"On behalf of the entire Top Model team, I am truly sorry for the style in which the Top Model promo clip was presented," she wrote.

Tyra Banks continued, "Like all of my projects, I am extremely involved in America's Next Top Model from casting the final contestants to conceptualizing the episode challenges, but with all the work and details that go into producing a TV show, I can't be 100 places at once (although I try), but it's just impossible for me to see everything that's created before it's released to all of you! That being said I can assure you that cut has been removed from the CW airwaves, and the message conveyed in that video was not intentional, and is certainly not Top Model or Tyra approved. The Top Model team is extremely talented and truly enjoys creating fun, engaging promos and episodes for you. The team really wants to entertain you, while promoting and embracing multiple forms of beauty. Sometimes in the quest to have fun in a limited amount of time, especially in a 20-second promo, our overarching message can be misconstrued, and in this case it most certainly was."

America's Next Top Model's smallest contestant

Tyra Banks has often championed for girls who feel ashamed of their looks because of her own plight to feel perfect. "To the people who see me as a representation of upholding the fact that beauty comes in all sizes, I personally apologize," Banks continued on her website.

Back in 2007 Banks was ridiculed for gaining a tad bit of weight and instead of hiding, the outspoken supermodel used her talk show to fire back. She dedicated an entire episode to self esteem.

Her own issues with the media and her changing weight make the promo slip a bit hard to take as intentional advocacy for rail thin looks.

So who is the contestant in America's Next Top Model's controversial promo? She's simply Ann, a 19-year-old Dallas native, who Tyra Banks explained has "her own internal struggles with her body, and the cruelty she faces on a daily basis directly relates to the way she looks, some of which is revealed in the upcoming season. I offered her the same level of support and encouragement I've extended to all younger women that have opened up to me."

Tyra Banks ended her heartfelt apology saying, "I want the media and viewers to continue to challenge perceptions of beauty, but to understand that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and proportions. I have always celebrated uniqueness, and encourage women, myself included, to accept and embrace their own bodies, flaws and all! Whether it's exaggerated curves (or lack thereof), bee sting boobies, a juicy booty or a big ole forehead (eh-hem) it's about rocking what we've got."

Season 15 of America's Next Top Model premieres September 8 on the CW.

America's Next Top Model controversial promo