Step Up 3D cast chats

Aug 16, 2010 at 6:07 p.m. ET

Back in the 1980s, during the days of a moon-walking Michael Jackson, Fame, Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo, and Flashdance's sweatshirt-slashing Maniac, dance captured this nation’s imagination.

Now, thanks to shows like So You Think You Can Dance, America's Best Dance Crew, Dancing with the Starsand films like the Step Up franchise, dance is once again permeating American culture. Step Up 3D is currently on its third installment.

Step Up 3D's cast chats with SheKnows

But making it look easy is the hard part. Just ask the cast of Step Up 3D.

Leaving behind Step Up's previous setting, Baltimore's elite Maryland School of the Arts, or MSA, returning director Jon M Chu relocated the third film to New York City's underground dance scene, a world Moose (Adam Sevani from Step Up 2: The Streets) stumbles into when he arrives in Manhattan for orientation at NYU.

Knowing they needed to go bigger and badder for a third film in the surprisingly successful franchise, Chu set out to surpass his previous efforts. Choosing to shoot the film in 3D was the first step but the real glory belongs to the dancers, over 250, including So You Think You Can Dancealums Stephen "tWitch" Boss and Jonathan "Legacy" Perez.

Filling in Channing Tatum and Robert Hoffman's studly shoes in Step Up 3D is former model Rick Malambri, playing a videographer who chronicles the best Manhattan dancers and takes Moose under his wing, while Aussie star Sharni Vinson takes the female lead, following in Jenna Dewan and Briana Evigan's footsteps.

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