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The roast of David Hasselhoff highlights


Comedy Central aired a David Hasselhoff roast on Sunday and he’s laughing along with everyone else for a change! Don’t miss the David Hasselhoff roast highlights!

The Hoff gets roasted

On Sunday, comedian Seth MacFarlane hosted the Comedy Central David Hasselhoff roast.

Hasselhoff sat on a red oversized lifeguard Baywatch-style chair and took the hits from friends and peers with a sense of humor.

MacFarlane opened with, “How do you make jokes about a joke? How do you embarrass a man who so thoroughly embarrasses himself? How do you put someone down when they are already laying shirtless on the floor?”

The notorious cheeseburger video was shot in 2007 by his daughter Taylor Ann in a hotel room. Hasselhoff is seen drunk, shirtless and trying to eat a cheeseburger from the floor. After the video became famous, he publicly stated that he was a recovering alcoholic — not his finest moment for sure.

Vegan and animal activist Pamela Anderson was also in attendance. The Baywatch co-star said, “David, I have to say, when I saw the video of you lying on the floor — drunk, broken down, cheeseburger meat falling from your mouth — I felt so sad. For that cow.”

Anderson also smirked, “David took his role on Baywatch very seriously. You know, one time I actually saw him rescue a real person who was drowning. David rescued the man, pulled him ashore, gave him mouth-to-mouth…and, of course, the man immediately died of alcohol poisoning.”

Hasselhoff and second wife Pamela Bach split up in 2006 when the phrase “domestic violence” was tossed around in the press. He has two daughters, 20 and 17.

The 58-year-old’s contract with NBC’s America’s Got Talent wasn’t renewed after four years. His spot was taken by comedian Howie Mandel.

Here’s hoping this event was therapeutic for Hasselhoff’s recovery.

David Hasselhoff roast highlights

Don’t miss Pamela Anderson’s bit!

seth macfarlane gets in on the act

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