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Watch exclusive clip for Mao’s Last Dancer and win Dave Matthews Band tickets!

Mao’s Last Dancer is in select theaters and is a beautiful piece of filmmaking that celebrates the art of ballet. Starring Joan Chen and Bruce Greenwood, Mao’s Last Dancer is from filmmaker Bruce Beresford (Driving Miss Daisy).

Samuel Goldwyn Films and ATO Pictures (founded by music artist Dave Matthews) will be releasing Mao’s Last Dancer in select theaters August 20. In anticipation of its opening, SheKnows has an exclusive clip and is giving away free tickets to see Dave Matthews in concert!

Mao’s Last Dancer is the story of a boy who triumphs from the bed of poverty to become a renowned ballet dancer in China’s capital, Beijing.

Mao's Last Dancer exclusive clip

The film commences with Li, the young man, being forcibly removed from his family’s village and taken to an elite dance school in Beijing. Sure, he becomes an international superstar of the ballet, but the film asks: At what cost?

Even though his youth is spent voraciously working at his craft, Li’s destiny is to entertain the world with his gift of ballet dancing. It is on a trip to America that Li discovers life as he had only dreamed it could be with its power to inspire the inspiring.

With astounding ballet sequences choreographed by internationally acclaimed choreographer Graeme Murphy, Mao’s Last Dancer is as much a love letter to dance as it is to the concept of freedom and how it still remains elusive for many in the world today.

Mao’s Last Dancer is a true story, which makes it all the more compelling. This is not your usual summer movie!

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exclusive clip for Mao’s Last Dancer

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