Jerry Rice talks children’s fitness and Dancing with the Stars

Aug 16, 2010 at 3:50 p.m. ET

Jerry Rice is a champion, on and off the field. As a footballer, he has won Super Bowls and landed in the Hall of Fame. As a celebrity, he has raised millions through his charities and came in second in 2006's season of Dancing with the Stars.

Jerry Rice

Rice talks to SheKnows about the intricacy of getting kids to exercise as the fast food and video game generation has put children at risk for diseases previously unthinkable.

The NFL has taken the American obesity problem to heart and launched their NFL Play 60 campaign of which Jerry Rice is a huge contributor. But, the Dancing with the Starsalum also has volunteered his time to support a Procter and Gamble campaign that will hook fans up with gear from their favorite NFL teams as well as make a difference in our communities.

Jerry Rice represents

SheKnows: Why did you want to be a part of this program? You have so many programs that I'm sure ask for your help, what was it about this one?

Jerry Rice: I already use many P&G products at my house like Febreze and Old Spice. That together with what the company is doing for the second year of its Official NFL sponsorship make the partnership a natural fit. This year's P&G NFL program theme, "Take it to the House," is also something I can certainly relate to with my time on the field. The program is a great way for NFL fans to interact with the brands and to have a chance to win some really nice NFL-themed prizes through various contests. Additional information can be found at

SheKnows: Since it's been proven kids are getting too little exercise, how has the 60 minutes of activity the NFL is pushing been effective in getting kids in action?

Jerry Rice: I think the NFL Play 60 program is fantastic, and it is something in which I have a vested interest. Kids need to get out, play and lead active lifestyles. I'm looking forward to ongoing involvement in the NFL Play 60 campaign in the future.

Let's go Dancing!

Jerry Rice and his wifeSheKnows: You have, of course, been on Dancing with the Stars, how do you think that appearance has helped the charities you support in terms of raising visibility?

Jerry Rice: Any time I can help raise visibility for charity, it is special. Whether it is something I am personally involved with or partnering with a company such as P&G and its donations on behalf of the NFL Play 60 campaign, the more we work to benefit others, the better I feel.

SheKnows: Speaking of Dancing with the Stars, do you think football players have a lot to live up to since you did so well?

Jerry Rice: I think football players are competitive in nature and thus they feel as though they can take on any challenge whether it is on the gridiron or in this case on the dance floor. I did well but I think there are plenty of other guys out there who could do just as well as me, if not better. They'll have to be ready for a lot of work, though!

SheKnows: We hear Troy Aikman is on next year's DWTS, any advice or would you rather not help a former Cowboy being that they're your 49ers rival?

Jerry Rice: If Troy ends up being on the show, I'm confident he can be successful. I'm sure Troy knows he has to be completely committed or it's going to be a struggle in front of the judges. Troy has always had that approach so I trust he would do just fine.