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5 Hot new TV shows for fall

3) Lone Star

Can you learn to love a conman? If you said no, Robert-Bob Allen (James Wolk) may have what it takes to change your mind. Groomed by his father (David Keith) for a life of cons, this Texan smooth talker makes the ultimate mistake: He falls for two of his marks.

The Cast of Fox's Lone Star

When the story starts, the con is just falling into place with Bob’s wife Cat (Adrianne Palicki), who is daughter to an oil tycoon (Jon Voight). With the keys to the empire in Bob’s grasp, however, Robert is still hanging out with Lindsay (Eloise Mumford) in Midland, where he recently bilked local investors out of their savings.

To his father’s horror, our “hero” decides to try to make a go of living a double life with both women, instead of walking away with his winnings. Sounds like a nasty two-timing slug, but Wolk is so charming in this soapy drama that we may actually be able to root for him as the real villains of the story emerge.

With comparisons to Dallas swirling, the Lone Star action kicks off on Fox Monday, September 20.

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