Paris Hilton sued by hair extension company

Paris Hilton’s hair has landed her in hot water. A company specializing in hair extensions has filed a lawsuit against the heiress for breach-of-contract.

Paris Hilton

Hairtech International Inc is allegedly suing Paris Hilton for $35 million in damages for wearing a competitor’s faux hair. The lawsuit stating breach-of-contract and fraud is reportedly worth 10 times what Hilton was paid under her original contract.

The suit is also listing the socialite’s wild child ways as a direct violation against Hairtech International’s marketing campaign.

Hairtech isn’t too pleased with Hilton’s past either. The company is allegedly a little more than peeved that Paris Hilton missed a 2007 launch party because she was otherwise tied up. Hilton was serving 23 days in jail for driving with a suspended license while on probation for reckless driving. Nothing like being in the clinker to make you miss a launch for your endorsement deal.

Hairtech International Inc is claiming it lost $6.6 million because of Hilton’s absence at the launch and careless regard for the law. Perhaps the company should have thought twice before using Paris Hilton’s famous face as the poster child for their hair extensions.

This is not the first time Paris Hilton has been sued for failing to meet promotional responsibilities.

Back in 2008, producers of Pledge This! brought on a lawsuit against Hilton claiming she didn’t fulfill her promotional responsibilities. The star received $1 million in fees from the film, which judges are still determining if she’ll have to pay back.

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