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Luke Perry and Jason Priestley together again!


90210 fans will be thrilled to hear that Luke Perry and Jason Priestley are back together again in a new film set in the Old West called Goodnight for Justice. Unfortunately for their fans, the two will not appear onscreen together as Luke Perry will star and Jason Priestley will direct.

Luke Perry

Luke Perry and Jason Priestley are coming together for this movie which will be shown on the Hallmark network.

Perry is the executive producer and plays the lead John Goodnight, who witnesses his parent’s murder as a child, becomes a Circuit Judge and seeks revenge on the outlaws who killed his family.

“We are thrilled to be bringing this exciting Western to life for Hallmark Movie Channel,” said Ira Pincus, Executive Producer, of eOne Television.

“Luke has been a great partner from scratch, extremely passionate about this film, and Jason brings a seasoned perspective to the project.”

Luke Perry, now 45, and Jason Priestley, 40, starred in the popular television series 90210 back in the 1990s.

The film goes into production August 4 in Vancouver, BC, and will premiere in 2011.

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