Heidi Klum dishes new season of Project Runway

Jul 27, 2010 at 11:47 p.m. ET

Heidi Klum and Project Runway are back. After settling into their new network, Lifetime, and earning an additional 30 minutes for the fashion fantastic, Tim Gunn, Klum and Project Runway are back on Thursday nights to work it.

Project Runway stars Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum was discovered on a televised German model search and sought to bring that same type of opportunity for dreamers who desire to make their mark in the high pressure, low success rate business that is fashion.

Heidi Klum sat down and talked about the new season of Project Runway, whether her children are becoming fashion conscious or if they even care, and how that one German TV talent search changed her life and those around her forever.

Heidi Klum chats

SheKnows: Project Runwayis back for another season and the anticipation is high since you are on now for 90 minutes! What keeps the show fresh for you?

Heidi Klum: Every time, I'm intrigued about how the designers are. When you do casting, you never really know what they can really do. It shows in the first two episodes who has the real talent. I'm always looking forward to seeing what they've got. I'm really interested in the people we have on the show and to see what they're made of -- it's always great when you have four or five really good designers. I prefer a real battle to see who will make it.

SheKnows: How do you keep it fresh on a show that has been as prolific as Project Runway?

Heidi Klum: It is hard, but you get influenced by things you see and do. There's always something new happening in the world, you see and dream about challenges.

SheKnows: Over the years there have been many imitators of Project Runway. But, you guys were really one of the first. To stay on top with so many similar shows, what do you think sets Project Runway apart?

Heidi Klum: Our show is about the reality factor and they are really great designers.

SheKnows: How has the talent changed over the years as the show has permeated? Or has it brought out some people who are hoping to make it on the silly reel like on American Idol?

Heidi Klum: I think both. We have amazing talent on the show right now. It is so hard to break into this field. You get to be seen all over the place. It gives the designers a huge platform. I think these people understand it is a huge opportunity. We have open calls. Some people come with T-Shirts and safety pins [laughs]. It's a mixture of both.

The designers of Project Runway 2010

Imitation is high praise

SheKnows: Do you feel threatened by any other upstart fashion shows?

Heidi Klum: It is a compliment. We were the first seven years ago. If others are doing it better, it's a challenge and keeps us on our toes. I think it's a compliment that people try to do what we're doing. If we were the only one, we could just lay back and float. Instead, we have to work very hard to stay on top.

SheKnows: How did moving to the new network last year affect things from a production standpoint for you?

Heidi Klum: It took people a while to find us [laughs]. Most of our fans have found us. Everyone at Lifetime is great. I also love that we are at 9 pm instead of 10 pm this year. I love our timeslot. We are right on track again.

Heidi Klum and husband Seal share a moment

SheKnows: You were discovered on a reality show in Germany, how does that rank for you in terms of your big breaks?

Heidi Klum: I had many breaks along the way. Being on a TV show in Germany, that's where I got my big break. I entered a modeling competition and won that contest. My next break was the Mirabella cover. My next cover -- Victoria's Secret model, then Sports Illustrated. There's not really one, those are all big breaks.

Up next…Heidi dishes her kids and fashion and how she found her way from a small town in Germany to the top of the entertainment world.

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