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Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston want full season reality show

Seems like suddenly you can’t avoid Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston no matter how hard you try (trust us, we’ve tried pretty hard).

Bristol Palin

If Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston, the newly engaged couple, have their way, they will soon be invading your TV screen on a regular basis.

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston — who are the parents of toddler Tripp and deny speculation that Bristol Palin may be pregnant again — are reportedly in talks with several networks over the possibility of doing a reality show.

While Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston’s less-than-traditional route to the altar (teenage parenthood, a Playgirl spread and the exchanging of talk show barbs involving his future mother-in-law) may seem like the dysfunctional stuff of a reality exec’s dreams, network bigwigs apparently aren’t totally sold on the concept.

Reportedly, Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston want a commitment for a full season, whereas networks so far seem only willing to offer a trial run in the form of a pilot.

Stay tuned. No matter how these negotiations play out, we’re sure we’ll be seeing lots more of Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston as their big day approaches.

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