Glee and Charice: A teen Botox scandal brewing

Charice Pempengco paired Botox with another anti-aging procedure to prepare for her upcoming Glee episode. Charice’s publicist now says the Botox was not for vanity, but rather to treat muscle pain.

Charice gets botox for Glee

Charice, 18, was discovered in the US by Ellen DeGeneres back when she was 15 and after performing on The Oprah Winfrey Show she landed a Top 10 hit on iTunes. Three years later, she has her own self-titled album out and an upcoming gig on the hit Glee, but it’s her recent appearance on ABS-CBN television that has everyone talking!

The teen recently had both a 30-minute Thermage skin-tightening procedure and Botox and the Filipino news show shared clips of cosmetic surgeon Vicki Belo doing the work. According to Belo, the baby faced star wanted to “look fresh on camera” and narrow her “naturally round face.”

“You chew gum and it turns out to be a favorite super-exercise for these muscles, your chewing muscles. So we will show you, this muscle here it’s a bit protruding,” Belo explained as she gave Charice Pempengco an injection. “It’s like a ball, so we are going to Botox that in order to get it flat so she will have a cuter face. We want to give you the apple cheek look because it’s cute, right?”

Charice herself goes on to say that the work was part of her prep for her premiere on next season’s Glee, which tapes next month. She’ll be playing a talented exchange student who becomes snotty Rachel’s (Lea Michele) number one rival.

“All people will be anticipating how will Charice look?” Charice said. “Is she good enough to pit against Rachel Berry? So of course, there is tremendous pressure.”

Now, Charice Pempengco’s publicist Liz Rosenberg is making the rounds, via email, to set the record straight. She says the injections were given “to relieve a jaw problem similar to TMJ.”

“You’ve seen her face — she doesn’t have a wrinkle in it so she wouldn’t need it for cosmetic purposes,” she wrote. “The Glee people are thrilled with the way she looks which is why she got the part.”

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