The Bachelorette spoilers: Ali goes to Tahiti

On the July 19 episode of The Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky and her final three guys, Roberto, Chris and Frank, go to exotic Tahiti and we will finally get to see the implosion of Frank and Ali’s tenuous relationship.

In a special preview of tonight’s The Bachelorette, we see Frank who is supposed to be on his way to meet Ali in Tahiti, actually head over to see his ex-girlfriend in his hometown of Chicago.

Frank dumps Ali on The Bachelorette

The over-analytical Frank, who was always agitated to see Ali Fedotowsky dating the other men of The Bachelorette, is questioning his feelings for Ali once again and decides he must face any residual emotions about his ex, Nicole. We actually get to see him meet up with Nicole and discuss their past and future.

Then as promised by the previews, we will watch Frank in Tahiti break Ali Fedotowsky’s heart. To her absolute shock, Frank will go back to his ex-girlfriend and leave the show. If he was still pining for his ex, he should never have been on the show! Didn’t Frank know what he was signing up for when he went on The Bachelorette? He hasn’t seemed capable of facing the reality of 25 men vying for one woman’s heart the entire season.

At least Ali (and us) can finally move on from watching Frank’s anxiety and relish the two remaining choices that Ali will have, Chris and Roberto. After seeing the hometown dates of these two men and getting to know them better, Chris and Roberto are both sweethearts and Ali couldn’t have two better men left in the end. At least it seems that way! You never know with The Bachelorette.

The Bachelorette extended scene: Ali with Frank!

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