The Bachelorette: Final four preview

Jul 12, 2010 at 5:30 p.m. ET

This season of The Bachelorette is heating up with only four men remaining in the July 12 Bachelorette episode.

Ali Fedotowsky and her men return to the US for the hometown dates and at the end of the night Ali must send one man home for good.

The final four men on The Bachelorette

For the first hometown date, Ali Fedotowsky will visit fan favorite Roberto, in Tampa, Florida. The former baseball player gives her a tour of Tampa, including some of his favorite baseball haunts. Although Roberto's family is nice, his dad, a former Army Ranger, is a bit hard on Ali and protective of his son.

Next, Ali Fedotowsky heads to Cape Cod to see Chris, who opens up more in his familiar surroundings. He shares pictures of his mom and his father offers some touching memories and advice for Ali. Will we get to meet his brothers that he mentions so often?

Bachelorette Ali

Ali moves on to Green Bay for the hometown date with Kirk. His divorced parents are kind and supportive of Kirk.

We find out that Kirk has the father with the mounted animal heads on the wall that has been shown in the previews. Yikes!

And lastly, Ali Fedotowsky goes to Chicago to meet Frank and his family. Frank seems nervous when they are alone but relaxes eventually, especially once they meet his family. From what we can tell from the previews, Frank will break Ali's heart soon. Maybe that accounts for his nerves.

Ali will have to make a tough decision in the rose ceremony, once they all arrive back in Los Angeles. This season has been fantastic and Ali Fedotowsky seems to have some great men to choose from among her final four. We all wait anxiously to see who her heart will choose.

Preview clip from The Bachelorette

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