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Jul 12, 2010 at 8:40 p.m. ET

"Oh, Teresa Palmer, that gorgeous Aussie girl who deflowered Harry Potter." Beautiful, blonde actress Teresa Palmer hears about her breakthrough role as Daniel Radcliffe's beachside "fling" in the indie December Boys a lot! Hey world, she's moved on in a big way. This smart and friendly gal is now helping Jay Baruchel and Nicolas Cage save the planet in the magical Disney adventure The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Teresa Palmer with Jon and Nic

After December Boys, Teresa Palmer took on comedy in the Adam Sandler picture Bedtime Stories and her long-awaited film Kids in America will be released next year.

On a break from shooting the Spielberg-produced sci fi film I Am Number Four, Teresa Palmer sat down with SheKnows in Beverly Hills to chat dating nerds, getting advice from Daniel Radcliffe, doing stunts, hanging out off-set with good bud and The Sorcerer's Apprentice star Jay Baruchel and she revealed which iconic movie star she would love to play some day.

Picture pretty Ms Palmer all summer chic in vintage halter dress with black and white striped bodice and wildly colorful skirt.

Palmer is in the picture

SheKnows: We gather from something you said earlier that you are really homesick. Why is it so bad for you right now?

Teresa Palmer: [Sad expression] I just miss my family. I haven't seen them for six months. I miss my mom especially. She looks after my Nana who is like 91, so mom can't come here.

SheKnows: Awww, well, you'll get a break in work and go visit her soon we hope. You knew Jay from working together on Justice League of America. What can you tell us about your relationship on The Sorcerer's Apprentice set or off set?

Sorcerer's Apprentice set with Jay and Teresa

Teresa Palmer: Jay and I became friends really quickly because we'd known each other previously, so after set we'd hang out with each other. I would go hang out at his house and he would have pizza everywhere and candy and he ate really unhealthily and plays video games. We're so different [laughs]. He had his Xbox out. Then he'd come over to my house and I'd have my books and my scripts and I had my little dog there. We spent a lot of time together outside of the movie as well which was great. It's so nice to have a friend on set, too.

SheKnows: Would you date a so-called nerd?

Teresa Palmer: I feel like the certain nerds that I've met, I've always really loved them. They're endearing. There's something amazing about a person who doesn't try very hard to fit in but just embraces that side of them. Most boys have got such egos and they want to be the cool guy or the "footie" (football) guy or the jock. That's not appealing to me at all. What's appealing to me is someone who loves who they are and if they are dorky and into physics or maths, so be it. That is the most refreshing thing.

SheKnows: If you're a dork, own it!

Teresa Palmer: Exactly!

Teresa on the need for strong women

SheKnows: You are the female lead of this movie and your character Becky is smart and strong. Did you feel a responsibility to set a good example for women?

Teresa Palmer in The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Teresa Palmer:  I definitely always feel a responsibility because I know that young girls and teens and people my age and older women, too, will be looking at my character and saying "What will Becky do in this situation?" She was written in the script originally as being very standoffish with Dave (Jay's character) at the start and I wanted to be true to that but show that she has vulnerabilities and insecurities, too.

SheKnows: And she is kind and open to Dave's attraction to her.

Teresa Palmer: Yeah. There is something about Dave that touches her heart. That's important because a lot of girls these days have a very particular idea about the sort of guys they go for. I don't really think that's healthy. Women should be open to all types of different guys. Had she not been open to it, she would not have been in this relationship with Dave and never fallen in love like that.

SheKnows: Or gotten to fly to Paris on an iron eagle! (You'll understand when you see the movie).

Teresa Palmer: Yes! Exactly.

SheKnows: You had instant popularity after working with Dan Radcliffe on December Boys. Was that a career booster or were fans just mad at you for "hooking up" with Harry Potter?

Teresa Palmer: [Laughs] I still get asked questions about it a lot like "What's it like to be the deflowerer of Harry Potter?" But, December Boys was a pivotal point in my career. It opened up a lot of doors because of the exposure that came with Daniel Radcliffe being attached to the film. It didn't hurt. I found the controversy quite hilarious actually. Daniel was like, "Get ready. It's gonna get worse from now on in." He was like, "The girls will probably hate you but it's funny. You just have to laugh it off" and I did. I know there were a lot of people upset out there because I was kissing their Harry.

Up next…Teresa talks about growing up in Australia and whether she adores the famous Fantastic mop scene as much as us Americans!

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