The Glades' Matt Passmore: Summer’s one to watch

Jul 11, 2010 at 8:50 p.m. ET

A&E is taking police procedurals to a whole new level with its newest drama, The Glades. The character driven series follows Jim Longworth (Matt Passmore), a homicide detective from Chicago who relocates to the quiet town of Palm Glade, Florida in hopes of easier work. Less crime and more leisure time isn’t all it’s cracked up to be on The Glades, as Longworth starts to realize the sleepy little town isn’t what it seems. Bodies start turning up, pulling him away from the golf course and into the world of bizarre Florida crime.

Matt Passmore

Executive producer, Gary Randall, searched outside the American acting pool to cast The Glade's charming, yet hard to work with -- won't wear the uniform -- homicide detective, Jim Longworth.

His search brought him to Australian heartthrob Matt Passmore.

Passmore might be relatively unknown to the American public, but for Matt Passmore, that's all about to change.

The Aussie actor has all the makings of a Hollywood A-list actor -- charm, wit, and gorgeous good looks -- oh, and mega talent to back it all up. SheKnows caught up with Passmore in Florida -- and folks the weather isn't the only thing steamy in the sunshine state. America you're put on notice: This hunky Australian actor puts a new spin on man in uniform -- or in his character's case -- throws it out the window.

Aussie heartthrob

Matt Passmore is filming the new series, The Glades, in the unbearable heat conditions of Florida's summer months -- but he doesn't mind. In fact, this summer's breakout star has one condition he'd like to make official: "I don't deal with the cold very well. I like to be where people have to wear bikinis. I think it should be a rule," Passmore laughed.

Passmore grew up in Brisbane, Australia, so filming in Florida is not too far off from what he's used to -- only it's a bit hotter -- in more ways than one.

You would think filming in America's tourist capital would be a little slice of heaven and you're not wrong. Matt Passmore has worked in a lot worse places. He gets to learn his lines at night with the waves of the ocean crashing in the background and the Cuban food and music aren't something to scoff at either. One word came to Passmore's mind -- "fantastic!"

It's hard not to be taken in with his cuter than all get-out Australian accent and sarcastic, yet inviting nature. His desire to stay grounded is evident as he offered to chat with SheKnows while taking a quick break from filming, literally, to nosh on lunch. A note to future rising stars: This man actually eats with the entire cast and crew -- in the harsh conditions -- not in a trailer. I think he'll have no problem staying humble.

He's had his share of fame in Australia but there are a few perks to being less known in America. Is he ready for what a series like The Glades will do for his American status?

On the set of The Glades

"I think my silence says it all," Passmore stated. "Not to say I was flocked by people in Australia, but you have people in the supermarket checking out what you're getting. I have a big tub of ice cream and five people looking at it and I'm like: Yeah there's veggies in there as well. Coming over to America I've been totally unknown again so this is cool. As long as the show does well I can't complain."

Passmore won't complain if The Glades' success gets him a few beers at the bar either.

So, how does an Australian bloke from Brisbane go from Aussie actor to America's newest fresh face to watch? Read on to find out.

The Glades: Not your ordinary police drama

Matt Passmore was finishing a series in Australia when his American agent asked him to not take any more roles -- in Australia. The request couldn't have come at a better time. Passmore was waiting on the fate of a pilot he filmed when everything just came together.

"A&E got me in for a great chat with executive producer Gary Randall and creator Clifton Campbell," he explained of his union with The Glades. "Turns out we were on the same page and that's how it got started."

Just like everything in the entertainment business, you have to believe in the series you sign on for -- sometimes. Luckily for Matt Passmore he had no trouble finding justification in diving headfirst into the series or the lead role of Jim Longworth.

The Glades star Matt Passmore

"The show is different in the nature of Florida," Passmore said. "It has procedural elements but the way Jim moves is different. He's got a Chicago rhythm he brings to Florida."

One thing Passmore does not share with his golf-obsessed character is the perfection for the game.

"Carlos [Gomez] and I have had a few lessons and endure the mocking on the coach's face with my cricket swing and his baseball swing as we try and hit the ball," revealed the newcomer to the game.

Don't think that he's so great at cricket either. "I've never really gotten down with cricket. I'm so un-Australian that way. It bores the crap out of me unless you're playing it in the backyard with a six-pack and a bunch of mates."

Up next…Matt dishes location shooting in The Glades and its influence on the show's real feel.

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