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Taylor Momsen: Miley Cyrus is repressed

Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen says you can skip the Miley Cyrus comparisons, if you please.

Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen, 16, who also fronts indie rock band The Pretty Reckless, said she is more Sid Vicious than the ever-present Miley Cyrus.

Momsen told FHM UK: “I’m not looking to be Miley (expletive) Cyrus. I don’t care about the fame. I do it because I love music. I like making records and if people like them, then we’ll go along for the ride. I’m not dissing Miley personally. However, I do think the Disney bubblegum (expletive) that the world is living right now is pathetic. I thought we passed that repression, Momsen said.

I don’t know Miley, but musically we’re different. To compare us because of our age is silly. People will be surprised by the record. I mean, it’s a rock record. I get that there is this blonde thing from Gossip Girl and they’re expecting pop (expletive), but it’s a rock band and it’s heavy. Our record is a life record. It confronts everything head on. It’s death, love, drugs, sex, religion, politics.”

They are, like, so totally different, you guys. Like, Taylor Momsen wears fishnets on stage and Miley Cyrus wears black corsets and leotards. Taylor Momsen carries a knife with her while Miley Cyrus stabs our ears out with her music. Taylor Momsen doesn’t wear pants and Miley Cyrus, well, also doesn’t wear pants.

What is up with these teens not wearing pants, anyway? Taylor Momsen said WTF do you care.

“Well I don’t really understand, am I supposed to dress like that when I’m 30?” Momsen told a British morning TV show. “Isn’t this the time when I’m supposed to be able to wear anything? I don’t really understand! I graduated from high school two years ago — I am my own boss.”

Yet another difference between Taylor and Miley: Taylor Momsen is surly, while Miley Cyrus just feigns innocence.

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