A Single Man clip starring Colin Firth

Tom Ford, a fashion heavyweight, turned his talents to directing with his first feature, A Single Man. Starring Colin Firth in his Academy Award-nominated role, as well as Oscar-winner Julianne Moore, A Single Man is a touching tale of love lost and a stunning feature film debut by fashion icon Tom Ford as director.

Tom Ford is an internationally known fashion designer and with his eye for detail, has made a seamless transition to film directing.

A Single Man stars Colin Firth and Julianne Moore

A Single Man is out July 6 on DVD and Blu-ray and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has given SheKnows an exclusive clip from his first film!

Colin Firth plays George Falconer, a college professor struggling with his life since his partner passed away. Julianne Moore portrays a lifelong friend of Firth’s who helps his ailing heart by showing what there is still left to love about life itself.

Firth was nominated for an Oscar for his performance in A Single Man.

Given Tom Ford’s background, it is no surprise A Single Man is as lush as it is riveting. Ford’s sense of style gives A Single Man a look few films have lately managed to achieve. You can bet the costume design is beyond compare as well.

Colin Firth is A Single Man

Set in 1962 in Los Angeles during the midst of the highly tenuous Cuban Missile Crisis, Firth’s George is having difficulty finding the will to live after the tragic death of his partner.

Overall, A Single Man is an affectionate look at love cut short by tragedy and how the little moments in life are the ones that inspire us to keep going.

Tom Ford: A Single Man exclusive clip

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